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Mega Control Systems is an ISO 9001:2000 listed company according to the quaity control standards as expressed by QAS International.

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Mega Control Systems

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering


Mega Control Systems was incorporated in 1998. Since then it has solidified a niche market for itself in the country of its inception, South Africa.

The company prides itself on the diversified approach to electrical and mechanical engineering which it has adopted. We have simultaneously developed a policy of sustained re-invention.

This attitude towards technical perfection in the areas of function, quality and efficiency has necessitated the need for re-engineering processes for equipment that has been in service for approximately 70 years, and thus has become technologically outdated.

These processes have garnered much respect and applause from the industry.


The company houses design and engineering as well as manufacturing operations at its main business premises.

Mega Control Systems has a sister company in Lausanne, Switzerland from which it facilitates the procurement of European supplies and products for use particularly in traction locomotive equipment.

The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and services the entire national railway infrastructure as well as its rolling stock equipment.

The manufacturing and supply of trailer components for heavy duty truck trailers, has been undertaken by the company since 2013, following the acquisition of GH Engineering, a longstanding manufacturer in the transport industry for over 40 years.

Major Projects


Bombardier, the Consortium entrusted with the development of the Gautrain, has chosen the weight-tensioning devices made by Mega as part of its overhead power infrastructure.

This is of significance as the Gautrain is the first of its kind in South Africa, as well as Africa.