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Mega Control Systems is an ISO 9001:2000 listed company according to the quaity control standards as expressed by QAS International.

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25kV AC Track Sectioning Switch (Heavy duty contact assembly)

We have recently constructed a 25kV AC TSS employing heavy duty contact assembly (3600 Amp continuous rated). These are in service on the heavy duty coal line between Vryheid and Richards Bay. What is remarkable about this concept is that the currently used 3 kV DC system can in future be converted to 25kV AC (High Voltage + High Current) without having to replace the track sectioning switch as this unit now accommodates both system lines.

This is the way forward throughout the whole of South Africa, where the intension is to replace the current DC system with the new 25kV AC infrastructure.

New & technically superior track switches

Mega Control Systems has been credited with designing a new and technically superior track switch for the national railway system in South Africa.

The design incorporated the worldwide trend of replacing porcelain with silicone insulators which are vandal proof and structurally superior.

The new silicone insulator employed, was extensively tested at Koeberg Power Station in South Africa and verified by the engineers at KwaZulu-Natal University for durability.

Anti - Theft Locking Device

A complete new concept - the anti-theft locking device - is a unique Mega Control System design subsequently fitted to all track sectioning switches to avoid and eliminate theft of copper from said equipment, as it allows only one individual in charge of its access at all times, raising accountability and diminishing the cases of fraudulent activity.

Weight tensioning device

The re-design of the weight tensioning device by Mega Control Systems has also been fully embraced and implemented into the railway infrastructure.

The first rapid rail system in Gauteng, the Gautrain, also employs Mega Control Systems equipment (weight-tensioning devices) for their overhead power infrastructure.


Bombardier, the Consortium entrusted with the development of the Gautrain, has chosen the weight-tensioning devices made by Mega as part of its overhead power infrastructure.

This is of significance as the Gautrain is the first of its kind in South Africa, as well as Africa.

Terminal Boards

Also of note, Mega Control Systems has researched materials used for terminal boards employed in the traction motors for the electric locomotives, to allow for more susceptibility and flexibility, thereby eliminating the need to have this component replaced as frequently.

Major Projects

    25kV AC Track Sectioning Switch (Heavy duty contact assembly) Anti - Theft Locking Device Weight tensioning device New & technically superior track switches